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"Thank you Shane for your great work!

I will make sure to refer anyone I know to you if they need migration services.

Have a good day!"



"Thanks Shane,

Excellent, thank you for your assistance.

Been great process with you."



"Hi Brendan,

Finally got my visa and we are so happy and relieved. Leanne
and I would like to thank you both for all your help."

Kind Regards


"Hi Shane & Brendan,

Thank you both very much for your work and guidance in obtaining our Permanent Resident Visas.

Heather & I really do appreciate your effort and support, the feeling that we can now plan ahead and stay permanently is a real relief for us both."

Regards Colin & Heather

"Hi Shane

Glad to hear from you…Personally I feel really grateful with the professional and remarkable services I have obtained from AIA as a migration agency.

Should a new migration issue arise in the near future you will be my first choice absolutely.

Thanks for your wishes!!!"

Kind Regards

"Good afternoon Shane

Hope you are keeping well. Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

You helped me much to make my dream come true and 2010 has been one the best years I ever had in my life."

My best wishes

"Hi Shane,

Thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate for your support."



"Hi Shane and Brendan

This is great news, you just made my day!!! A big THANK YOU to both of you for all your help throughout my procedures of application. I will be eternally grateful to you. Thank you once again. :)"

Best regards

"Hi Shane,

We are the happiest couple in the whole world :-) you can not imagine how we are feeling right now!!! Thank you very much for everything."

Luiz and Alessandra

"Hi Brendan & Shane

I just wanted to thank you for your valuable help throughout my PR journey. That was quite a short but also very intense period (at least for me!).I really appreciated your professionalism, clear communication and reactivity and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to the people I know.
This is the continuity of a great life adventure for me and from now on I will be able to focus more on my professional and personal life without having visa issues interfering.

Best of luck in your future endeavours and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything (testimonial for your website etc.).
Again thanks for everything and keep up the good job."

Kind Regards

"Good day,

Shane, this is a very kind of you. At least, I feel I'm supported by the agent I've applied with. Otherwise, I would be an online applicant.

Anyhow, I should tell you that I like the way you e-mail me & love the hope you have given me..many thanks for everything...

Take a good care and have always a great time."

Best regards,



Thanks for all of your hard work on this, it is much appreciated. I'll see you soon!"




Thank you so much for forwarding on this great news and in particular for all the time work and effort you have personally contributed in making this happen. For several days now we have been quite simply over the moon with regards to what this opportunity means to us. We very much look forward to thanking you in person Brendan, possibly over a now somewaht extended lunch that I was already overdue you.

We trust all is well with you and the family, and again our sincere thanks for all your help, patience and insight over the last few months the possibility of having a future in Melbourne really has come to mean a lot to us both and to a lot of other folks too. To now know that at least one big part of our dream has come true feels truly mazing and somewhat difficult to describe in words beyond I guess another massive Thank you Brendan.?

Barry & Nicola - United Kingdom

?Hi Brendan

You would not believe how happy a man I am, Brendan, thankyou very much!

?Once again many thanks for your efforts


Daniel ? United Kingdom


Fantastic news - a relief to say the least!

Thanks for your hard work on this - we got there eventually! ?

Thanks again?

Dan ? United Kingdom

?Hi Brendan,

Thankyou for all your hard work in helping to obtain my partner visa, it would have been a lot more stressful without your help?.

Thanks again?

Mike ? United Kingdom

"THANK YOU SO MUCH SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it. It feels terrific, awesome since now Australia is officially mine...Thank you once again, you had a hand in making my dream, my only dream come true, thanks a lot for that Shane."

Shilee - Mauritius

"I'm very very happy with the result.Thank you very much for all the assistance and help you've given me...Once again THANK YOU and see you soon."

Benjamin - Phillippines

"Thanks Brendan,
Mate I will never forget you in my entire life."

Amir - Iran

"The very first impression I had of Australian Immigration Associates was their honest and sincere approach. During the entire process of my visa application I found that I was given all the information I needed to know and each and every document was prepared with full attention. They not only processed the application in good time but kept me informed about the application. I will say that the service this organisation has provided me is a blessing for me. I catch up with my agent for coffee and we are good friends now."

Anand - India

"I was extremely happy with the service from start to end. An exceptional agency - attentive, on time, organized and courteous. I was kept up to date during the processing of my application and Australian Immigration Associates were always happy to answer my calls. A year after I was granted my permanent residence, I called to enquire about a potential need of their service and they still remembered me and were extremely helpful.

Wenny - Indonesia

"A few years ago, AIA handled my first visa application professionally, quickly and successfully. We had contacted other Immigration Agents and Agencies who had told us that it was impossible to receive this visa. I found our contact person to be very friendly, efficient and genuinely caring. We were extremely satisfied with the process, the way it and the way we were handled and of course the outcome. For this reason, a couple of years later when we were faced with new "visa needs", we contacted AIA again. This time we received Permanent Residency visas quickly, and were delighted to be able to be in communication with and cared by the same wonderful professional people as before. Whole heartedly, without any doubt I would recommend AIA to anyone."

Kaisu and John - Finland and United Kingdom

"I had great pleasure in dealing with AIA to get my Permanent Residency. I was provided with honest and friendly service throughout my time with AIA. AIA will be the first name that comes to my mind if someone asks me for a Migration Agent in Australia.
The best way to describe them is, they walk their talk."

Veera - India